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Catapult one

Catapult one


Catapult one

Catapult one measures the core metrics that improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and develop coach to player communication.

Improve performance with key metrics designed for sports
Identify improvements and elevate your performance, track your players in both training and matches with Catapult One’s 10 core metrics, including distance, sprints, and speed.

Reduce the risk of injury
Objectively understand practice intensity, monitor player workload, and avoid overtraining to reduce injury risk through Catapult One-derived data.

Develop coach to player communication
Set benchmarks, thresholds, and objectify your communication to your players by obtaining athlete-specific insights and team reports via the Catapult One App.

Improve your player’s tactical execution
Ensure your players are delivering in-line with your tactical coaching plan, use Catapult One’s heatmaps to identify athlete positioning.

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