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Ritual Hockey

Chamois Classic Grip - White


RITUAL Hockey Chamois Classic Grip - White

The RITUAL Chamois classic hockey grip in white is crafted from a high-quality Chamois/Zeem material. Absorbent to the max and ideal for rainy fields and damp weather. The incredibly soft fabric maintains its exquisite comfort in both wet and dry circumstances. 160cm in length 3.6cm in width 2.8mm in thickness. Whatever conditions you're playing in, you can count on superior grip and a soft feel when the time comes to initiate the action. This is an authentic chamois leather grip.

Instructions (RITUAL Hockey Chamois Grip):

1. Start from the middle of the stick.
2. Slowly wind the chamois around your stick overlapping each turn by about 5mm.
3.Pull the grip firmly and keep tight as you apply it.
4. Secure the end of the grip with electrical or medical tape.


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