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OREGON Hockey - DUCK X Hockey Stick

The expert-level Oregon Duck X field hockey stick features a 25 mm Extra Low bow curve that is located at 200 mm from the bottom of the stick. This curve maximizes 3D skills, dragflicks, and power, and it is combined with a composition of 100% premium Japanese carbon and a double channel construction for maximum power and control.

The OREGON sticks are designed in Belgium, have been put through rigorous testing by Olympians, and received official approval from widely respected experts. To provide you the finest possible experience while playing hockey, these sticks are crafted in accordance with a stringent procedure that calls for the use of the best material at each stage.

National team players - Nicolas Poncelet (Belgium), Celina Di Santo (Argentina), and Vicky Granatto are among the many international players who use this stick (Argentina) to maximise their performance on the pitch.

Tech Specs (OREGON DUCK X)

  • Control: The Extra lowbow increases 3D skills and dragflicking ; Soft touch area provides a wonderful feeling on the first touch through the hands; A stiffness through the shaft to aid accuracy when passing;
  • Weight: 535g
  • Power: 100% carbon provides maximum and an improved touch ;
  • Handling: Balance at 390 mm is made for superb manoeuvrability with a comfortable perforated premium PU grip, handle diameter of 30 mm
  • Vibration dampening: The stiffness of the carbon is offset by the PE/EVA foam under the grip and the double channel construction
  • Durability: Oregon sticks are made of premium 20 layers of composite material and quality components which will increase their durability.
  • Packaging: Eco-friendly polyester sleeve
  • Head Head: 45° angle with silica face
  • Bowpoint: Bowpoint is located at 200 mm from the bottom of the stick for a perfect Extra Lowbow curve

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