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Y1 Hockey

LB 70

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Y1 HOCKEY Stick LB 70

The Y1 Hockey LB 70 hockey stick has been upgraded and is now more stylish than before. The collection is inspired by California's underground skate and surf culture, and features a complex pattern of California-inspired designs around the handle.

With a somewhat thinner head profile, it's easier to get beneath the ball. It features the Y1'dynamic bow, which provides the ideal slingshot movement when drag flicking, making it the perfect pick for drag flickers and aerial specialists.

The LB 70 is manufactured with 70% Carbon and 30% Aramid/Fibreglass which enables a great blend of power and touch.

Tech Specs (Y1 LB 70)

  • Composition: 70% Premium Japanese Carbon & 30% Aramid/Fibreglass
  • Balance Point: 39+-
  • Weight: 525g +-
  • Bow: 24.5mm
  • Bow Placement: 200mm

Y1 Hockey Technologies

  • Premium Japanese Carbon
  • ‘Shaved’ head design for ease of 3D skills on the move and reverse lifting
  • Y1 ‘Recurved Toe’ design for easy picking on the reverse and 3D skills
  • Y1 'Dynamic Bow' specifically designed for drag flickers
  • Bristled High Control Area on head (HCA)
  • Hot Edge - enhanced backhand zone for power
  • New HST end cap to improve shock absorption and power transfer through the ball

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